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Harry Potter Gordic Gryffindor Fantasy SwordOverall Length: 41"Blade Length: 33"Blade Material: Stai..
$40.00 $35.00
            Witch King SwordFull Length: 47"Blade Length: ..
$90.00 $65.00
Aragorn Strider Sword with knife from LOTRBlade's length: 39"Comes with Little Knife = 11" LengthBla..
Boromir Sword LOTROverall Length: 38″Blade Length: 30″Handle Length: 8″Blade Thickness: 1/4″Free Wal..
$65.00 $45.00
Eleven Knife of Strider Aragorn From LOTRLength is 19 5/8 inches, blade length is 15 3/4 inches. The..
Eowyn Sword from LOTROverall Length with scabbard: 43″ Total Length: 40.5 Blade Length: 32.5″ Han..
Herugrim The Sword of King Theoden LOTR* Overall Length 36"* Blade Length 27"*Blade Material Stainle..
High Elven Warrior Sword An ancient human-like race of Middle-earth, Elves are noble, elegant and ma..
LORT Anduril Sword of Aragorn Overall Length: 51 InchesBlade length: 36 InchesBlade thickness: ¼ Inc..
LOTR Glamdring Sword of GandalfAn ancient sword carried by Gandalf the Grey, who is an old, but powe..
Sting Sword Scabbard - LOTR Overall Length 26" InchesBlade Length 18" InchesBlade Stainless SteelSca..
Ringwraith SwordsFull Length: 47"Blade Length: 35"Handle Length: 12"Blade Material Stainless Steel T..
$65.00 $65.00
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